About The Farm

Come stay with us or simply enjoy the experience of our family-run farm and its magical woodland where you can create, explore, and reconnect with the pleasures of being close to nature. We welcome you to explore our 288 acres of pastures, woodlands, rivers, ponds and 9 acres of biodynamic gardens that grow herbs and vegetables. We host a variety of native trees, oak, hazel, elder, silver birch and Hawthorne which makes it the perfect place for interacting with wildlife and the faerie folk! You can also build a den, make a fire or simply discover the joy of edible plants. In the cosy barn we also host a range of workshops from Yoga, Ayurveda, Meditation, sound healing, Art, cookery, shamanism, Bio-dynamic growing and wild crafting. For smaller gatherings we have an intimate log fired yurt with plenty of room for camping.

Helen who has been a holistic therapist for 23 years and specialises as an Ayurvedic practitioner and Yoga teacher, believes that being in touch with nature and the seasons is the key to restoring our health. The farm Swainshead Hall has been in Helen’s family for 52 years and is still a working farm.  She firmly believes that the farm is the heart of a community and when people gather together within a natural space wonderful things unfold.

When Kenny and Helen married they decided to pursue their dreams of a more holistic approach to life whilst still being connected to each other, their family, nature and the local community. It quickly became Helen’s dream to turn part of the farm into a holistic hub which welcomes alternative and quirky approaches to health and wellbeing. The Gathering Fields firmly believe that there is not only one modality for achieving health and happiness but a combination of different approaches. The farm is now taking on a new life and the phrase “getting back to you roots” fully embodies the work we do at the Gathering Fields. Helen and Kenny offer a safe nurturing space which allows people to fully express themselves through sitting, reflecting, and singing, creating and connecting with Mother Nature. This is the very land that runs deep within Helen’s soul and she firmly believes that the more you connect with the land the more you learn and connect with yourself. Profound healing comes when we work in nature. Here we hold communal space where we can interact with others or simply be alone. We welcome you to share stories, skills, music, make friendships and from here we can bring people together to grow a community.