Wild at Heart – Two Day Retreat

Start date: 23rd June 2017

End date: 25th June 2017

Time: 4-pm

Location: The Gathering Fields

Join us for a retreat in our teepee style tents and cosy barn.Come together with like minded people for our two day retreat held in the heart of nature. Here we will  have optional Yoga  meditation, wood crafting, Ayurveda massage , sound healing, yoga nidra, campfires and  look at wild foods while  walking in nature with long woodland walks .
Each retreat is based around the season and will vary depending on the weather.
ARRIVE : Friday 4pm  The evening is your own free time please bring your own bedding and camping essentials.
Saturday: Yoga  10 am  followed by a long walk around the beautiful Trough of Bowland. Evening  is sound and Yoga Nidra
Sunday :  Yoga  10 am   Woodland crafts or free time for exploring more . The day will end with Yoga Nidra and sound meditation.
Leave at 4pm
If you require massage or one to one healing during your stay this is an additional charge.
Camping. Teepee style tents, some are shared but some have fires in the middle.
Please book in advance. ( Discounts for Group bookings)
We supply Teepee tents, some shared with campfires, facilities are basic, and all your food is supplied as basic Ayurvedic and  vegetarian home cooked food.
Tel: 07791254101 or 07891552058
Email: info@northernapproach.co.uk
Wild at Heart encourages you to walk on the wild side of nature collecting inspiration from Mother Earth with each step you take towards connecting with your inner self in this Spring time preparing ourselves for the new growth that will happen.
Price for the weekend is £130 Early Bird £90 before 10th June 

The Gathering Fields Open Day

Date: 26th June 2017

Time: 9.00-6.00

Location: The Gathering Fields

We will be having an open day at our Gathering Fields on 26th June. We opened in 14th May and this will be our first major event. View our yurt, where we will be having storytelling. Take a walk around our garden with the story master, then go straight into an arts and crafts activity with nature weaving. There will also be a poetry corner, music, maypole dancing and circus activities.

All are welcome. This is a great day out for all the family.

Mugwort Plant Spirit Ceremomy

Start date: 7th July 2017

End date: 9th July 2017

In this ceremony we will explore the magical healing plant Mugwort, or Artemesia vulgaris, also known by some as ‘Una’, or Mother of the Herbs. She has made her way into shamanic practices in many cultures, from the Mayan region in South America to Nepal and Siberia.

We will spend time together as a circle of people, in a ceremonial way, to connect with this ancient wisdom and magic of Mugwort, and receive healing. We will ingest the plant in various forms, in a ceremonial way, as a way of developing a deep relationship with the plant and receiving Mugwort’s benevolent energy. The Moon, which will be full on the following day, will amplify the power of Mugwort, which is known as a lunar herb.

In this ceremony:
You will be able to experience a personal healing from the Mugwort spirit, and be be guided to explore different ways of communicating with the spirit of the plant, including contemplative work in nature, art work, a drum journey, and making offerings

You will learn how to use Mugwort as a personal helper and keep it’s spirit alive inside you, so you can continue to draw on the medicine for self and others

You will learn about the wide range of Mugwort’s properties as a medicinal herb and its uses as a magical-spiritual ally, and as an energy shifter and transformer in shamanic healing practices.

Venue: The Gathering Fields, Swainshead Hall Farm, Lancaster, Lancashire LA2 9DN.

This is a family run retreat centre in the beautiful Trough of Bowland. For more information on the venue see: www.northernapproach.co.uk

Food : this will be vegetarian/vegan, most of it grown biodynamically at the venue. We will be eating lightly so as to have a deeper experience of Mugwort within our bodies. There will be a meal of soup, salad and bread on Friday evening. On Saturday there will be fruit salad and nuts for breakfast and salad for lunch, and a celebratory meal in the late afternoon.

Timing: Arrive from 5pm, ready to begin with an evening meal on Friday at 6pm. Ceremony ends at 6pm on Saturday.

Overnight accomodation: There is a choice of communal sleeping space in the barn for 8 people (mattresses and cusions are provided) with an open fire, or camping in the field nearby. Showers and washing facilities are available. For those wanting more comfort, there are bed and breakkfasts in nearby locations (please enquire).

Cost: £120 ( Early Bird: £105 ) There are a few concessionary places for those on a low income, at £90 (Early Bird: £75)

The cost includes tuition, all meals and hot drinks, and overnight accomodation (apart from the bed and breakfast option).

How to book and pay:

To secure your place please send via direct bank transfer a non-refundable deposit of £50 to: S P Goodwin, Sort code: 05 04 59 , A/C no 35951533

Please be sure to reference the transfer with MUGWORT, and send an email so I can watch for your payment and contact you with your confirmation and an orientation email.

Please note: For the Early Bird rate you need to pay the deposit and the rest of the fee by May 30th

Sue Goodwin is a qualified medical herbalist, and plant spirit healer, who has been working with medicinal plants for over 40 years. She trained in Plant Spirit Medicine with Eliot Cowan 12 years ago, and since then has been treating clients with both herbs and shamanic healing methods, calling in the spirits of the plants who are her allies. She has developed a deep personal relationship with Mugwort, who is her main plant spirit ally.

Sue has also trained in a Medicine Wheel tradition from the Americas, known as the Delicate Lodge, and she is empowered to share the teachings of this Beauty Way. She has been offering teaching ceremonies and ceremonial sweat lodges, to the community where she lives in the Calder Valley, for several years. As a trained medicine woman, known as StarJaguar, she holds a strong safe space for inner exploration, healing and transformation, for both individuals and groups. seewww.wisdomseeds.co.uk

Andean Cosmovision: Reconnecting With The Wild

Date: 12th August 2017



Reconnecting with the Wild: A Workshop in Nature with Oakley Gordon 

In the West we live largely in a domesticated world, which determines much of what we do, how we behave, how we live, even how we define ourselves. In the Andes they have a word that refers to all that is wild, undomesticated. This word is Salka. In essence it is the natural, free energy of life. It is what makes us feel alive and part of the living Cosmos. Domestication is like a veneer through which the light of Salka must shine.

This workshop will be held in the beautiful, welcoming and wild Gathering Fields, on the Edge of the Forest of Bowland, near Lancaster. It will be facilitated by Oakley Gordon, Professor of Psychology at Utah University. Oakley has over twenty years’ experience of training and teaching the Salka path of the indigenous peoples of the High Andes. He will take us deep into some of the simple, yet profound practices which can help us re-awaken our own Salka nature.  This requires connecting, through guided meditations, directly with the living energies of the hills, woodlands, wind, rivers and sky.

Oakley will help us create a bridge between our experiences of Salka energies and the worlds we inhabit on a daily basis at home, at work and wherever we find ourselves as we walk, as beings, in the Cosmos.

Date and Time The term Cosmovision refers to a way of understanding and relating to reality. The Andean Cosmovision has its roots in the indigenous culture of the high Andean mountains. It provides a path for exploring profound aspects of ourselves, Nature, and the Cosmos. In our modern, western, society it resonates with people who are drawn to it by its simplicity and its beauty, by the way it expands our understanding of who we are, and by the loving connection it nourishes between ourselves and Nature and the Cosmos.The term Cosmovision refers to a way of understanding and relating to reality. The Andean Cosmovision has its roots in the indigenous culture of the high Andean mountains. It provides a path for exploring profound aspects of ourselves, Nature, and the Cosmos. In our modern, western, society it resonates with people who are drawn to it by its simplicity and its beauty, by the way it expands our understanding of who we are, and by the loving connection it nourishes between ourselves and Nature and the Cosmos.: Saturday 12th August. 10.30 am to 5pm                  

Venue: The Gathering Fields

COST: Full price £90.  Early bird price £75 if booked by 30th June

Community Yoga

Start date: 2nd June 2017

End date: 31st August 2017

Location: The Gathering Fields Barn

Weekly Community Yoga at The Gathering Fields Barn.

All are welcome to these Yoga sessions, beginners wanting to learn more about traditional Indian yoga or those that want to develop their knowledge. All ages welcome, it’s a myth that you have to be flexible in yoga, it is about creating a healthy partnership with your body and mind. Come and join the team to relax, unwind and nurture yourself and be with like minded friends.

Yoga Beginners – Tuesday evenings 6:30pm

Thursdays Starting at 7.30pm From 15th June
Hatha Yoga – Friday Mornings 10am

You can pay £7.00 a class or donation if you are on a low income, this all  helps fund and support us running events for the C.I.C Community Interest Company

Educational Retreat & Intensive Permaculture Design Course

Start date: 4th September 2017

End date: 15th September 2017

Time: 4pm - 4pm

Location: The Gathering Fields

This course is for people who care about the future and want do something about it. We come together to share the skills and perspectives that help us meet the challenges ahead and manage the transition towards a more friendly and peaceful society.

The course is based around creative thinking and learning from natural systems. We cut through the complexities of modern life and look at the basics of human needs and communal activity. The approach to food, energy and local resilience has a wide and flexible application, whether you are in an urban or sub-urban setting, or in a rural location.

The course will be led by Angus Soutar (http://northbritainpermacultureinstitute.org/node/28) and a team from the Northern School of Permaculture, supported by The Gathering Fields.

The course is open to all, regardless of any previous experience or literacy levels.