Community Projects

We work with third sector groups, local charities and small community groups to support individual and community wellbeing with a focus on providing green pharmacy social prescriptions.  We provide outdoor and creative projects for groups and individuals which include activities to help improve individuals’ wellbeing by helping them to connect with others, be active, take notice and be aware of their surroundings, keep learning by trying out new activities and also being able to give by participating in projects.  We provide a safe, practical and nurturing space at the Gathering Fields for adults and children of all abilities to enjoy and to carry out activities, either as individuals or groups.

Activities that we deliver include: Practical activities such as live willow working and creating things from wood and other materials that grow naturally at the farm; delivering interactive storytelling sessions for children and adults which allow them to explore and learn about the outdoor environment; taking people on group and one-to-one walks through the outdoor and woodland areas we have at The Gathering Fields where we ‘walk and talk’ and they can share their experiences.  We also run various workshops on healthy living and how to cook using fresh local produce.  

"Community Interest Company"

We are a part of Bohemia Blackpool Community Interest Company (CIC) along with ‘Naked Wild and Free’ who are based in Blackpool and work with vulnerable women and youngsters specialising in wellbeing, natural living and mental health.

At the Gathering Fields we offer short breaks and day trips to the farm where we cover various wellbeing topics in a nurturing space allowing individuals to explore all the things that some of us take for granted.  These include growing and cooking your own food, foraging, nature walks, campfire stories, music and sound events, singing, drumming and crafting, yoga, meditation, play therapy, teaching life skills and so much more.

We love to work with other groups of like minded people so do get in touch if you have any projects or ideas you would like to collaborate with us on.  We also would welcome your support and value any donations towards the CIC that help us to grow. Please feel free to contact us.