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Alternative Health & Massage Therapy

If you are looking for an alternative health and massage therapy with a holistic approach to health issues Ayurveda is a unique healing system that incorporates herbal remedies, therapeutic massage with diet and lifestyle advice.

Helen has learnt Ayurveda from a western prospective and studied with Indian Ayurvedic doctors to achieve and understanding in Ayurveda. She has worked with and learnt about Ayurveda and applied it to the many western native herbs that we see around us today. Ayurveda is a complete way of life with a holistic approach viewing ailments to be caused by the imbalance of a person's physical or mental constitution. Therefore Ayurveda gently aims to discover the root cause of the ailment. Bringing back balance in the mind and body by using specialist Ayurvedic massage techniques with herbal infused oils, herbal remedies, nutritional advice, lifestyle changes and Yoga.

Ayurveda Northern Approach

Ayurveda sees everything including humans to be composed of the five elements space, air, fire, water and earth these elements combine to create Bio- physical forces (energies) known as Doshas. Vata Dosha (air & space) Pitta Dosha (fire & water) and Kapha Dosha (water & earth).

Ayurveda simply works by establishing a person's natural constitution and finding the nature of the imbalance which may be stress, diet, environment or emotional change, it seeks to return the individuals body back to a state of healthy balance.

Ayurveda Northern Approach


A detailed assessment of your Diet, lifestyle and health requirements, includes a ayurvedic food list and herbal recommendations.

£60 - 1 hour

All treatments include a foot ritual and calming head massage.

Herbal Scrub

Ayurvedic herbs such as sandlewood, rose and turmeric root are applied with hot oil incorporating steam. This treatment boosts the skin leaving it glowing,Helps weight loss, cellulite, rheumatism and toxin build up.

£35.00 - 1 hour

Nabhi Abhyanga (Abdominal Therapy)

A nurturing massage for the abdominal, helping to tone the organs, assist weight loss, improve digestion and strengthen the abdominal muscles. ideal for those suffering with abdominal pain.

£30.00 - 45 mins

£10.00 - extra (warm castor lepa pack)

Pinda Svedana (Herbal Poultice Therapy)

A deep poultice treatment using fresh plants or dried specialised herbs to gently pound and sweat the body, strengthening for the body helping to alleviate muscle and joint pain, tension, sports injuries and rheumatic conditions.

£45.00 - 1 hour

Marma Body Massage

A massage with a difference aiming to release trapped physical and emotional energy. Strengthening the organs and muscles by increasing energy. Marma's are known as secret energy centres with over a hundred located over the entire body the practitioner will gently manipulate them to release the natural flow of energy that becomes blocked by stress, poor diet, exhaustion and toxins. If at times your body feels weak this treatment is for you!

£55.00 - 1 hour 30 minutes Whole body

£35.00 - 40 mins Back Massage

Abhyanga Body Massage

To energise and stimulate the circulation, immune system and nervous system. Using warm medicated oils working with traditional Ayurvedic flowing movements that increase well being for the entire body bringing about energetic balance to the body and inducing stability.

£35.00 - 1 hour

Jounrey Massage

The ultimate healing experience incorporating head to toe massage, energy balancing techniques, sound and chakra mantra. a beautiful intuitive spiritual massage to nurture and heal.

£60 - 2 hours

Hot Lava Shell Massage

Self heating clam shells for a continuous deeply warming therapy incorporating ayurvedic techniques to calm and restore the body.

£45.00 - Full Body

£30.00 - Back Therapy

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep massage for muscle fatigue and deep seated tension.

£30 to £60

Yoga Massage

This therapeutic massage incorporates Yoga assisted stretches to maximise the effects of the massage. Tailor made for each person this treatment reduces toxin build up and muscular stress.

£35 - 40 mins Back, neck and shouders

£60 - 1 hour full body