Yin, Sound and Cacao CeremonyStart Date: 5th DecemberEnd Date: Time: 4pm - 7pm


Sophie Heald experienced Yoga teacher will be teaching a candle lit Yoga sequence in collaboration with Helen Leece Intuitive Sound Healer

We will be gifting 10% of your place to The Magic Club Children's Charity.

Our yin practice will focus of releasing tension stored in the body.

Yin yoga uses passive stretching to unpin connective tissue (fascia) adhesions and constrictions that are created within the body. Poses are held in a supported form for between three to eight minutes. In yin yoga we are changing the make up of the physical body with as little action as possible. Feeling into the value of not doing. Postures will be focused on bringing our bodies back to their natural rhythms and regulate chi, which can often be disrupted during times of stress, by focusing on the deep front line of connective tissue and the stomach/spleen meridian. These postures will help break up any blockages and encourage an easier flow of energy within the body. 

Helen Leece experienced Ayurvedic practitioner and Intuitive sound healer

We will then ease  the practice with a  beautiful Plant medicine of Cacao prepared by hand with love and prayers. Cacao is a gentle warm drink that opens the heart centre, improves blood flow, detoxifies and gives your immune system and mood a boost.

 The cacao is sourced from a small farmer co operative in Peru. The story of Cacao is whenever the balance between humans and nature becomes under threat, Cacao leaves the rainforests to open people’s hearts and return the planet to harmony. Once the gentle medicine is drunk like a warm hot chocolate, you’ll lie and receive the soothing sound medicine. Sound healing reaches our mind, body and emotional body and helps with stress, insomnia, pain and  has been practiced by indigenious traditions for may years.

Please inform us if you have any medical conditions prior to the event.

Book your space via email yogawithsophie

Hawthorn Medicine Retreat DayStart Date: Date to be confirmedEnd Date: Time: 9.30 - 4pm

Hawthorn Heart Medicine Day

Hawthorn is a magical plant that carries an abundance of myth, magic and medicine. Well know for its connections with The Glastonbury Holy Thorn and its giving of blossom.The leaf, fruit and flower all of which  for generations we have paid homage to the Hawthorn . Medicine is created in many ways, from infused oils,elixirs,flower essence's to food's.
We  open the space for people that require time to connect with the plants spirit and it's medicine exploring Ayurveda topical application and flower essence properties , Hawthorn has been one of my greatest teachers and its many healing properties for the heart are calling me at this time of year,the heart opening medicine of Hawthorn brings opportunity for giving, receiving and self love  before we prepare to turn in for the deep autumn.

Helen who has lived plant medicine for 15 years, trained as an Ayurvedic practitioner and Re-wilds wild flower meadows, opens her centre for  a Hawthorne Heart  Medicine Retreat day to explore the magical wisdom of this plant. .
What to expect :

     Welcome home grounding Practice of Yoga Nidra

 Greeting the Hawthorn ( Time in nature)

Sound Journey               

 Create a Hawthorne berry Elixir & Share the wisdom 

  Ayurvedic Heart ( Hiridaya Basti 

Your day ends at 5.30 pm

We ask you to  bring nourishing vegetarian food to share for our lunch and all herbal teas, fresh herbs and  essentials are provided.

Please bring journal, colured pens, blanket and Yoga mat. warm clothing is essential as we will venture outdoors.

Only 10 places  £65 ( Bring vegetarian food to share)
Contact Helen To book & payment details



Self Love Sunday RetreatStart Date: 12th DecemberEnd Date: Time: 10.30 - 5pm

We will be opening space once per month for a Soulful Sunday gentle day to just be in good company with like minded individuals. The space offers a tranquil and safe space with plenty of woodlands and meadows to explore. The retreat's are designed to rewild the heart and soul giving plenty of space for you to return to yourself. 



December 12th 2021

January    30th 2022

We invite you to a slow down sunday at The Gathering Fields Retreat Wellbeing Centre in the heart of the Trough of Bowland. We will connect to nature and gently rest our systems in a safe and nurturing environment.. Join us for a morning of  Yin Yoga and guided meditations with Melissa Van Der Sar. Then after a warming vegi - vegan  bowl of soul food prepared by Chloe we will have some time in nature and breath in its medicine guided by Helen and Chloe. Your day will resume with a the gentle  loving tones of sound healing by Helen with touch therapy from Chloe and Melissa

Hosted by

Balm wellness - Chloe

Space For Loving Presence - Melissa

Bee & Blossom Ayurveda Apothecary - Helen

Booking via email is essential  as numbers are limited:  

£75.00 per day