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Imbolc Essence

This essence was made over a three-day period in Dumfries, Craik Forrest. It was made 20th January at the time of the super blood moon eclipse, which seems very important for this essence as it relates to releasing old wounds. This is predominantly a snow drop essence with Amazonite crystal. As I co...

26th February, 2019 Read More

Healing the cycles between People, Plants and Animals

Horticultural Land Healing The deep relationship between people, plants, animals and traumatised soul parts The use of essences to improve the energy of the land and my home environment has been a large part of my work since I moved into my childhood farm 3 years ago. As you can imagine moving bac...

30th November, 2018 Read More

Women and Herbs

Nothing pleases me more than women gathering in my garden and talking and learning about herbs. So I was joined by the local W.I to explore the garden and the magical properties of herbs and how they can support women....

9th July, 2018 Read More

Fireweed Essence Preparation Sun Water Method 24th July 2017

The Fire weed essence is available to purchase from The Gathering Fields £7.50 per bottle excluding postage and package. Celtic Festival Lammas 24th July 2017 2pm-6pm Mars entered Leo on the 23rd July and it was a new moon. The day the essence of fireweed was made was a beautiful w...

10th June, 2018 Read More
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