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Joy And Knowledge In The Land

day I have been finding joy and knowledge in the land.

Today is a fruit day in the biodynamic calendar, this is the planet Leo on this day so lots of warmth and heat. I have not got fruit to put in as most is growing in the greenhouse but I have made a plant decoction, a hot water infusion in a large jug today to spray on fruit and plants as we have a lot of green flies and aphids which are not good when drying herbs for consumption.

I have made it from Wormwood Artemisia Absinthium this is good for insects and green flies in the garden and helps combat infection in our lovely plants. For humans, it is used for candida, poor digestion heavy periods and depression.

Chive flowers which again act as a deter bugs and plant mildew. For humans, chives are good for heart health, vision, detoxifying, digestion, poor sleep and poor memory.

Calendula is also in the bug soup so I have put some flower heads in which are good and act as an anti-fungal and keeps our herbs and veg healthy.

Feverfew has also gone into the mix great to combat aphids and great for migraines, insomnia and acts as an anti-inflammatory for aching muscles after a long day in the garden.

We are open for camping and our camp barn is ready for hire. If you fancy a nice little get away in a beautiful peace spot of the world then give us a call.Activities for families, pottery, story telling and wood craft can be arranged in advance. Book now.

31st May, 2017