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Educational Retreat & Intensive Permaculture Design Course

Coming in September-Educational retreat and intensive Permaculture design course.

This course is for people who care about the future and want do something about it. We come together to share the skills and perspectives that help us meet the challenges ahead and manage the transition towards a more friendly and peaceful society. .

Based around creative thinking and learning from natural systems, this course cuts through the complexities of modern life and looks at the basics of human needs and communal activity. The approach to food, energy and local resilience has a wide and flexible application, whether you are in an urban or sub-urban setting, or in a rural location. .

Led by Angus Soutar (http://northbritainpermacultureinstitute.org/node/28) and a team from the Northern School of Permaculture, this course is supported by The Gathering
Fields. .

It is open to all, regardless of any previous experience or literacy levels.
To book please contact Angus via the Northern School of Permaculture website page using the following link:

10th July, 2017