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Fireweed Essence Preparation Sun Water Method 24th July 2017

Where  the bare feet of the women walk, its as if the ground is touched by fire.
Her powers embodied in the beautiful flame of the Fireweed

The day the essence of fireweed was made was a beautiful warm sunny and still day.  I had a lady and her granddaughter staying in the camping field, with her family, the house was quiet and I did not consciously choose this day to make an essence but the children went out to play and the stillness seemed to be the perfect environment for this essence. As I tuned into the garden a beautiful butterfly landed on my page which was a clear sign to go ahead and make the sun method essence. As I seized the moment it was not till a month after did I actually sit down to research the date and what the planetary alignment was and also the position of the celtic wheel. The following information is all relevant I feel to this essence and for all that was present. So during this day we had a grandmother and her 7 year old grand daughter, the sun, the butterflies and bees and all the men on the land had gone out for the afternoon. The story of this essence made under the sun begins here with the wheel of the year turning into Lammas.

About Lammas and Fireweed and how they colaborate !

 The importance of Lammas while making this essence seemed perfect in its making, where all the energies go into the essence that is being made at the time, all that happens in and around is part of the process, Lammas held such resonance for me while making this essence. You will read later on the story about Lugh's foster mother, her death while clearing a great forest, and how this resonates beautifully with Fireweeds ability to restore, and regenerate the land in preparation for new growth. 

I am sat here writing now wondering after this long dry and hot period of May to June  2018 if possibly the fire weed essence will be applied to my incredibly exhausted plants that are some what gasping for water.

 The Celtic Harvest Festival - Lughnasadh - also known as Lammas - is a harvest celebration beginning at sundown on the eve of the 31st of July until sundown on August 1st and derives its name from the Irish God Lugh. In Wales, this time is known simply as Gwl Awst, the August Feast. Lugh is associated with the power of sun and light, and so fires were burned in honor of Him on this day. In addition to His associations with light, Lugh is a God of Skill and Craft, a master of all human skills. On this His feast day, it is particularly appropriate that we celebrate our own abilities and skills.

Lugh dedicated this Celtic festival to his foster-mother, Tailtiu, the last queen of the Fir Bolg, who died from fatigue after working and clearing a great forest so that the land could be cultivated. When the men of Ireland gathered at her death-bed, she told them to hold funeral games and celebrations in her honor. As long as they were held, she prophesied Ireland would not be without song.

Lammas (was christianized as Lammas:  the word 'Lammas' is an Old English word meaning 'Loaf Mass') celebrates the first harvesting of crops, the first of three harvest festivals.  The Earth yields up Her first gifts to us ... a blessing from the Mother and the product of our human hands.  It is a time to celebrate the fruitfulness of the Earth and fruits of our labors.  We have sown and nurtured, and now we are reaping the benefits in rhythm with the Earth.  In later times, the festival of Lughnasadh, but in rural areas it was often remembered as "Bilberry Sunday," the people would gather the earth's freely-given gifts of black berries.  As well people sang and danced jigs and reels to the music of melodeons, fiddles and flutes, and held uproarious sporting contests and races.

Corn, grains and berries are of particular significance at this holiday .  Traditionally, the newly harvested grain is made into bread to be shared with all in this celebration.  Fruits and vegetables are ripe and ready for canning and preserving.  We celebrate and partake in the fullness of the Earth while beginning to make provision for the cold months ahead.

  By offering the fruits of our labors back to the Universe we enrich both ourselves and our world , so clearly it is a very specific time to honour our land and bless all her teachings.

What can Fireweed Essence be used for !
So many essences and producers can provide us with numerous findings for flower essences, but for me it feels important to teach from the channeling's I recieve in the process of creating, it would be wrong for me not to offer my gifts in its truest form.
I had such a beautiful teaching with Fireweed previous to making her, often this happens the plant shouts a little louder when the time is right to create an essence. I was walking with my husband down the farm lane, he happened to innocently comment on the fireweed and that he intended to dig it all up as it was taking over. So you can imagine my belly stirred with anger as my relationship with this plant was already teaching me so much, so after a long discussion and explanation as to why it is so important to leave it, to my releif the discussion ended with a great understanding for both of us. So Fireweed remained, her essence already displaying, strength, beauty and feminine empowerment. It became clear about her ability to bring harmony to the emotional body, to teach the woman to stand in her truth and to restore our mind and soul when the masculine has raged through us with out regard. Fire weed grows where literally there has been fire or forrest fires, she grows where there has been damage or simply where the land is in need of restoration. I had this wonderful vision while I made the essence, I could hear the grandmother and her granddaughter playing on the swing as the essence was being made, and as I closed my eyes I could see many women gathering on the land, tending to her needs, young, old you name it they were there. I could feel the longing to bring women back to the land again, I wonder why so many women have disconnected from tending to the earth, and I wonder if they fully understand the healing messages that she holds for us when we do tend to the earth.
I would recommend this essence for those of us that possibly are experiencing dis-empowerment caused by the masculine, to be honest that does not always need to come from the male gender, us females can misuse or masculine energy also. So I would reach for Fireweed now when there is need for balance, for our spirit but also for the land, you see once we have balance we then can sow new seeds and our land will be generous with her Yield, and as Lammas approaches we can harvest all that we have grown, we can celebrate all that she has given us. Clearly I would give this essence to women that may be struggling to speak out, to recognize there talents, gifts and power, but equally I would recommend this for men that in their quest to hold, strive, provide, take action so that it may return  to their own inner feminine


10th June, 2018