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Women and Herbs

" Calendula is the golden flower of  to promote emotional  warmth, tolerance and compassion, the flower of listening "

We were blessed with another beautiful evening, however the plants have been rather drained by the intense heat here in the garden, but we managed to rustle up a soothing herbal tea just for Women. This tea accompanied the delicious Calendula and Carrot cake we shared at the end of the meeting. I have to say I sweated buckets making this cake for the WI as they are know for being  very good cake makers. It was lovely to have such a large group come to the Gathering Fields and I was touched by the engagement of our local community. So here I am happy to share the recipes and information for the Tea we blended.

Women's Garden Tea

Calendula - The magical flower for communication. It helps gut health, sluggish liver, breast congestion and breast lumps, ideal for a sluggish system, lethargy, fibroids, pelvic inflammation, thrush, lymphatic congestion and ovarian cysts. This herb really helps early menopausal symptoms and low self esteem. It is a great skin healer and perfect for fungal infections.

Mugwort - Lifts depression and anxiety, cleanses the womb and balances hormones, superb for Sciatica. an ideal herb to help us to bring clarity to our dreams. 

Rose- Cooling and calming for the mind and the heart, very good for PMT and agitation. Restorative for the skin and ideal for insomnia

Lady's Mantle - Astringent and ideal for heavy periods and regulating. Great for strengthening the pelvic area. Great for inflammation of the uterus and brings tone to the pelvic floor. very good for menopause symptoms

Chamomile -  Irritable bowel, nervousness in Children, PMS, menopause hot flushes, breast pain, irritability, migraine and anxiety

Lemon Balm - Clears brain fog and aids concentration, very good for fever, it elevates the mood lifting depression and confusion. A very soothing herb for children.

Recipe: Take a small handful of each herb and place in a tea pot, add a small amount of cool water first then apply the boiling water this prevents the plant becoming to shocked. Let that stand for 25 mins the strain and drink . It can also be cooled and drunk as a cool drink.

The Gathering Fields "Beautiful Herbal Body Cream for Women"

Makes approximately 7 ounces

2.5 oz  Fresh herbal  of the women's tea infusion  about 3oz. Strain it afterwards  and set to one side to cool.
1.5 oz aloe vera
5 teaspoon vitamin E or almond (you can also use the contents of  oil pill such as Star flower )

3 oz olive oil or Almond Oil infused with  Calendula, Rose and Lavender - Use double boiler. ( Strain after the oil has absorbed the plant )
2.5 oz coconut oil or Shea butter for a richer consistency
1/4 oz grated beeswax or coconut oil if you are Vegan  -15 - 20 drops of essential oils ( Rose, Lavender, Clary Sage or Chamomile)

Melt beeswax on low heat.  Then add coconut oil until melted, and then olive oil.  When the mixture is all melted, pour it into blender and let it cool to room temperature. When cooled, measure out the "waters" ingredients into a measuring cup, turn the blender on high, and slowly pour in the waters into the blender. Stop the blender to stir and scrape sides as needed until fully emulsified into a fluffy white cream. Then add lavender essential oil and do the final blend.  Store in glass jars, and keep out of direct sun and heat.  Use it up - this is a fresh, perishable delight!


9th July, 2018