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Imbolc Essence


Flower Essences for Our Time

This essence was made over a three-day period in Dumfries, Craik Forrest. It was made 20th January at the time of the super blood moon eclipse, which seems very important for this essence as it relates to releasing old wounds. This is predominantly a snow drop essence with Amazonite crystal. As I connected with this essence the snowdrops were a little reluctant to show themselves, and they were growing directly opposite a small area of trees that had been cut due to disease. This indicated trauma to the landscape and the snowdrops were reflecting that. As the  blood full moon shone the essence was set over night and the following three days, I set the essence with an Amazonite crystal which asked to be present. Over the three days the deva of the forest appeared, she was magnificent and was holding the energy of the trees in the forest, her message was clear that no matter what trauma was bestowed on the land she was holding the spirit of the land and taking care of everything. She was very powerful and pure. The essence froze on the first night, it felt as though time stood still and I was suspended in this cold, crisp and pure landscape. I practiced  the Lakshmi mantra on the second night and asked for more light and clarity, the snow fell heavy that evening and in the morning, there was such beauty and pure white everywhere.

This essence in all can be used for personal use or for our environment that may have endured trauma. Courage is the main indication of this essence and it is to be used when we wish to evoke self-realization and new life following darkness or trauma. The crystal used enhances the snowdrop essence as it opens the heart chakra and helps to release toxic emotions. In essence, the whole combination is for clearing, cleansing bringing heavenly purity beyond the chaos. I found making this essence the most direct and clear experience I have ever encountered, a sense of breakthrough and knowing of my genuine place of existence in the world. This essence is an essence of epiphany and an illuminating discovery of one's self, rebirthing is the word that comes to mind strongly while taking this essence. This essence can be taken for personal use or for use on the environment. Simply placing 3 to 5 drops on your tongue or glass into water. This is a beautiful environmental essence for land or plants that have endured trauma, placing 5 drops into water and sprinkling onto the area that requires support.

26th February, 2019