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Discover the benefits of nature, sound and meditation with this FREE meditation set in our beautiful Hay Meadow. Holistic therapist Helen Leece, from The Gathering Fields Retreat on the western edge of the AONB, has written and narrated a lovely, guided meditation for you. Based on the sights, sounds and textures of a Bowland meadow in summer, this 20-minute audio with natural sounds and simple music is a beautifully relaxing sensory journey, which aims to calm and soothe. All you need to do is sit, or lie, comforably as you listen.

Recording courtesy of Om Marketing

Ayurvedic Vata Chia Tea Refill

Ingredients: Cinnamon. Ginger Root, Cardamom, Star Anise, Black Pepper, Fennel, Clove, Ajwan, Liquorice and Black Tea. According to Ayurveda within our bodies we have 3 Doshas (energy forces) Vata Air, Pitta Fire, Kapha Earth they create harmony in the mind and body and should always be balanced. Wellness and balance can be returned with certain herbs. flowers and spices. This warming blend supports Vata, aids digestion, calms restlessness and creates clarity.