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Discover the benefits of nature, sound and meditation with this FREE meditation set in our beautiful Hay Meadow. Holistic therapist Helen Leece, from The Gathering Fields Retreat on the western edge of the AONB, has written and narrated a lovely, guided meditation for you. Based on the sights, sounds and textures of a Bowland meadow in summer, this 20-minute audio with natural sounds and simple music is a beautifully relaxing sensory journey, which aims to calm and soothe. All you need to do is sit, or lie, comforably as you listen.

Recording courtesy of Om Marketing

Hawthorn Heart Flower Essence

Created in the beautiful Trough of Bowland on the full moon. Infused with the presence of Dragonfly, Blackbird and the Owl. Prepared 29th May 2018 during full sun flowing into the evening of the Sagittarius Full Moon, infused with the energy of the blackbird and the owl. This essence is for the completely broken hearted, that cannot reach the tenderness of love as their grief is so deep and the pain is so old there is nothing but prickly thorns around the heart, protecting any further risk of grief or in fact loving again. There was a presence of Christ consciousness while this essence was being created, it elevates the heart and you will realise that awakening when we connect with nature . So you think you have grieved, that wound you thought you had made peace with ? Hawthorn will expose that last layer so you can fully move on and open yourself to the divine flow of love available for us, bringing forth, acceptance and compassion. Hawthorn strip’s the grimmest heart pain with her sharpest thorns, only leaving the rawest consciousness waiting to emerge, as she tenderly holds that grief as you take time to sit with her. Hawthorne will shield your heart as you do this work so not to worry about being to raw, as she hold you beautifully How can it help: Grief, heart pain, loss, difficulty in loving, creates an open heart, compassion, love, acceptance, restores faith, creates courage, helps us creatively express with song, develops gratitude, strengthens wisdom, helps us see beyond darkness, balances the heart. The gift of Hawthorne leads us through troubled times and restore our faith in humanity 30 ml Please seek advice of a practitioner