The Rewilding Project

Who We Support

The rewilding project’s intention is to support families and young people in Lancashire and the wider community. We offer nature days and residentials to small groups, individuals and charities. Our wildflower meadow is an ongoing restoration project hosting a variety of plants and wildlife that are essential for rebuilding our eco systems. Creating a perfect platform for learning

What We Do

The Gathering Fields provide nature walks in our Wildflower Hay Meadow. Recipes, nutritional advice and mindfulness activities to support health & learning. Exploring the medicinal benefits of local plants and species is part of what we offer. This interactive and creative learning opportunity is available to all of our visitors either onsite or online. When you spend time with us, we encourage you to enjoy being creative in nature and learn about our local medicinal plants through art, movement and making.

Our main focus is to encourage a deep and enriched connection with Nature, bringing people back into balance and giving them the resources to enable them to go back into their communities stronger and more aware. The current situation has had a huge impact on the creativity and health of our families and children. We aim to go back to our roots, bringing back the magic of Love, Sharing, Hope and Community in all that we do.

Ayurveda Northern Approach


For the past four years, the Gathering Fields has been offering nature-based retreats and workshops in a safe, nurturing environment. We are supported by The Forest of Bowland Area of Outstanding Natural beauty. (AONB) The Forest of Bowland AONB team have ensured the restoration of over 300 acres of meadows at 75 other sites across Lancashire. The restoration work involves seed collection and growing programmes for schools and community groups, art-based activities and plant identification courses for volunteers.


You can make a difference; your support and help can be however you choose. You can volunteer, donate materials or you can contribute through funds. (Funding page in construction)

Ayurveda Northern Approach