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New beginnings in Bio dynamic farming, Ayurveda and Vibrational Flower Essences

 The Spring on the farm see's the coming, new life. It is generally  when new life is born into  to the world, I,m midwife to the sheep and the continious flow of birth is when I begin to plan and make space not just on the land but my own body with Ayurvedic teachings, where I see the land and the body are not at all separate. The land is quickening with new buds, and as I prepare a date in my diary for biodynamic preparations BD500 cow horn. It is all emerging for the year ahead.

The cow Horn BD500 probably will be applied to the land with chosen Flower or gem essences depending what the land requires. Why the cow horn, well simply it enlivens the soil, activates fertility by bringing all the cosmic forces stored in the preparation over the winter as the earth inhales. So in Spring Mother earth begins to exhale, the dynamized BD500 prepartion with essences such as Fireweed or Mugwort (indeed there are so many I have used over the years) they come together in this beautiful ritual to stimulate and sustain the communities micro life in the soil, increasing root development with essential information to increase soil bacteria and fungi. As I work with the land I simply see the reflection of my self in all that she tells me.  
So all that is outside of us is with in, its an opportunity to work with mother nature and listen to her calls. Ayurveda teaches me so much, Kapha is rising in Spring, the thick heavy winter tissues of the body, just like our soil, are breaking in to new life , the body wants to rid the heavy duty toxins often we gather during the dormant months, allergies can appear, sore throats, fatigue, loss of appetite, dry skin, lower leg ache and muscle aches. Emotionally things surface wanting clearing to make way for the new. Thank goodness for Flower essences for the emotional load lodged sometimes in our vibrational field. 

So simple our internal spring clear out is happening as mother earth begins a new cycle. So routines change as do our bodies.

May I share with you some great things that have helped me at this time. Hot a drinks such as Nettle, Cleavers, Rosemary, Sage and tender Hawthorn leaves  for lung and heart cleansing while warming the kidneys. Sage is most useful for gargling for a sore throat. Keeping your meals regular and warm with cumin, turmeric, fennel,black pepper and ginger all help to warm the tissues and organs. Avoiding sweet, Sour and salty heavy foods as your body tries to release the sticky Kapha. Wild garlic is a must, oh how I love to forage this powerful gut cleansing wild plant for pesto and soups.
Body routines such as body brushing after a warm shower, early morning exercise between 6am and 10am all help to shift the slumber, followed by a cup of Rosemary tea and meditation clears the mind ready for the day.
Yoga can start to speed up a little those deep softening Yin practices can ease gently into stronger sequences such as Sun Salutaions, warrior, Forward bends, Chest openers, back bends and particularly anything that stimulates the solar plexus and gut  such as Cobra, Bow and twists.
Pranayama alone can release toxins, try Bhastrika or Kapalbhati or simply lie in shavasana with a bolster cushion to open the lungs.
What ever helps you at this time follow your gut, build the strength in your mind body and spirit and walk forward lighter and with ease.

20th March, 2019