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Sea Maiden Essence

I really love to explore and adventure espeicially those far to reach places where hardly people visit and very few tourists venture, I love to find the nooks and crannies and the edges of water. I have always been drawn to water since I was a little girl, but when I come to the edges of our far to reach coastlines something stirs with in and beyond the treshold I go, where the veils are thin and your edges at tested, where the wind howls and the vastness of the sea beckons you in, a mystery appears and the maiden of our waters sings.
This essence was created for those times when you are on the edge of reason, almost on the point of loosing your rational mind, for when change is imminent, and transformation is about to happen. As we explore our wild edges of the deepest parts of our soul, call forth the sea maiden to tend to your rawness. We go beyond the logical self, the life of just survival where we do only what we are conditioned to believe. Sea maiden will bring forth in you the courage and hope to go beyond what we know, as we explore the thresholds within, sea maiden brings light to the waters edge. This essence used at those times when we know we are on the edge of creation or rekindling our wild creative self. Sea maiden is used for aura clearing, and healing the environment clearing that is needed in these energetically challenging times. A power essence for those willing to be taken to the edge of their imitations, like the waves breaking the shore this essence helps us move beyond any limitations or fears, it brings forth the strength and power of the ocean with in us. This essence can be used as a water blessing, inspired by the sea maiden's that have been hidden and went underground and into hiding to preserve their sovereignty. This essence brings healing to the wells, rivers, streams and seas on our lands. To bring back the magic to our raped and barren landscapes the waters must be honored and blessed, to return the life force to the land that was once rich and fertile the maiden needs to be evoked to heal our sacred waters once again

10th May, 2019